Why Natural? Guided Principles to Feeding Your Dog

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It goes without saying that a naturally sourced and well-balanced diet is a top priority for many humans, however, have you ever thought about the importance of a naturally-based diet for dogs?  

A quick stroll down the pet food section in any grocery store will reveal endless options when it comes to feeding your pet, but have you ever stopped to consider the ingredients listed on any of these products? Most ingredients we don't know nor can we even pronounce. At a quick glance, they may seem like a viable option for your four-legged friend, however on closer inspection into the ingredients, some of these less than desired ingredients can stop you in your tracks.

Fillers, chemicals and added preservatives are often added to pet food, in an effort to make them attractive to your dog's palette. While usually an afterthought, these common additions can have catastrophic effects on your pets health, including increased likelihood of heart stroke, spiked blood sugar levels, abnormal bowel movement and can even lead to a shorter life-span.

Think about it, you wouldn't consume ingredients such as these for yourself, so why would you feed it to your pet?

This is why natural is best when it comes to choosing foods for your dogs. What do we mean by a natural diet? In a nutshell, these are foods which are free from artificial ingredients, added chemicals and unnecessary fillers. As an easy rule of thumb, these often include chicken, kangaroo, sardines, veal and fruits and veggies - all of which are packed with health benefits which your dog will thank you for. 

Creating naturally derived products is at the forefront of our culinary creations for your pooch, and gives you as owners peace of mind that your pets' health won’t be in jeopardy, courtesy of their diet! 

The benefits of feeding your dog a naturally sourced diet are basically endless, however our top three favourites have been listed below. 

Benefits of a natural diet for your dog 

Aids in digestion - A healthy digestive system starts with a healthy diet! What you feed your dog is important when thinking about their digestive health. Prioritising quality ingredients and protein rich foods will best serve your dog's digestive needs. Not only will a natural diet be more varied and therefore tasty, but your dog will be receiving the full nutritional benefits of the meals you are providing them, given the lack of fillers and nasties which usually take up room! Greater water content which is present in natural dog food is also essential for the digestion process. When thinking about the full digestive cycle, a natural diet is also gentler on the stomach, particularly with young puppies and also ensures optimal bowel movements.

Longer life span and greater quality of life  - They call them 'man's best friend’ for a reason, so why wouldn't you want to feed your dogs what they need to live a happy and long life? Choosing foods with all-natural ingredients will help prolong your dog's life. There's no greater feeling than watching your pooch run around the dog park at the speed of light, and proper nutrition will ensure they can continue to do this for years to come.  Like humans, a naturally derived diet will support your furry friend's immune system, and also ensure weight management and muscle are well maintained. These are all key indicators of a healthy pooch, and so it's no wonder that feeding your dog naturally will have a direct impact on their life span. 

Better dental health - We all know how expensive vet bills can be so it's important we keep on top of our pooches pearly whites. Thankfully, another benefit which comes with a natural diet, is improved dental health. Natural foods are often soft enough for dogs to enjoy without the harshness which typically is associated with overly processed dog food. The nature of naturally derived food works wonders in addressing built up tartar found in dogs teeth, and can also be helpful in plague control and combating general dirt and nasties.  

If this doesn't persuade you to incorporate more naturally derived foods into your pets diet, we don’t know what will! A good diet is essential for the health of your furry companion, this starts with small changes which have a lasting impact on the well-being and happiness of your pets!

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