Meet The Owners

We are a local family business residing in New Farm, Brisbane.

We developed a multipurpose laundromat in Newstead called Liquid Laundry which is Australia's 1st high end laundromat. It offers a range of cleaning services including a dedicated animal section with dog washes and animal bedding machines. We wanted to offer dog treats to our customers who were using our dog wash stations as a way to reward their pets. That's how Chewy Chews was born!

Australia's 1st dog treat vending machine

We came up with the idea of vending machines as we wanted people who go to our 24/7 laundromat who wash their dog anytime of the day to still have access our treats. After introducing the first Chewy Chews dog treat vending machine to Liquid Laundry, we started to have shopping centres reaching out to us.

Our second machine was placed in New Farm’s Merthyr Village and then it was Gasworks and Westfield, and now our Chewy Chews vending machine concept is currently in 90 + locations nationwide.

Chewy Chews has recently expanded internationally into the USA market with our vending machines and products.

Quality first

Your dog’s health is our priority, we pride ourselves on only stocking premium locally sourced meats. In fact, the entire Chewy Chews range of meaty treaties are made of the highest grade for human consumption, offering a wide range of health benefits to your furry friends, and peace of mind for parents.

We have a passion for health foods, supporting our Aussie farmers and contributing to environmental sustainability and the nose-to tail eating movement. 

Our premium meats are slowly air dried to perfection, removing the moisture and locking in all the nutrients and mouth-watering flavour.

The Chewy Chews Difference

We're Australian Owned

Proudly supporting local farmers

We're 100% Natural

Human grade quality delights

We're Preservative Free

No nasty surprises, just meat in our treats

Questions about chewy chews?


We’ve compiled this list of FAQs to answer all your key queries and questions.

So let’s dive right in….

Chewy Chews Pet Treats are 100% Australian made and owned. All products are 100% Australian sourced from local Aussie farmers, except the Green Lipped Mussel Chews which are 100% premium New Zealand sustainably caught Green Lipped Mussels.True-blue Aussies can admit it when our neighbour does it better

Our treats are made by slowly air drying the meat to remove the moisture, providing a fresh product free from additives. This process intensifies the meat profile and locks in the natural nutrients and vitamins in each treat. All our treats are made from a single ingredient. This ensures that there are no added preservatives, additives, colours, grains, salt or sugar. Ingredients = 100% MEAT.

When training your dog, small treats are key. OurRoo Jerky Strips and any of our liver nibbles are the perfect bite size or easily breakable pieces that offer instant reward for good behaviour.

Dogs, like humans, suffer from joint pain, arthritis and inflammation. And, just like humans, the right diet can assist in easing these symptoms. Try our Shark Cartilage Chews, Shark Jerky, Fishy Sardine Treats or Green Lipped Mussel Chews for the essential fatty acid Omega 3 that will assist in easing their inflammation.

By signing up for regular deliveries of your pet’s favourite treats, you will save 10% on all orders.

On the Chewy Chews website you are able to access all of your fur babies favourite treats. In fact, if you sign up with regular purchases you will be able to get a 10% discount off all products.

Chewy Chews Premium Dog Treats and Accessories are also sold in vending machines across Australia. These readily available 24/7 treat & toy outlets can be found at the following popular locations. Or simply click Locations in the main heading.