Dalmatian Diet and Purine Problems

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We’ve seen their Disney debut in ‘101 Dalmatians’, and the trusty steed accompanying every firefighter, but there is more to the Dalmatian breed than what meets the eye. From being attacked by minor birds due to their spots, to diet and other special quirks, the dog breed is truly 1[01]  in a million!

Jasper the Dalmatian 

Dalmatian quirks at meal time

As the saying goes, ‘one man's trash is another man's treasure’, and to the same sentiment, one dog’s meat is another dog’s poison. While a high protein diet is (usually) king when it comes to meal time for most pups, Dalmatians have a unique predisposition to ‘urate urolithiasis’ which stems from a metabolic defect only seen amongst this breed. 

Excuse the science-y jargon (we are animal nerds at heart) but put simply, Dalmatian paw-rents need to be well versed in what they can feed their furry companions at meal time. Not so different to a human equivalent of a ‘vegan’ or ‘keto’ diet, our furry freckled friends need to follow a strict ‘low purine’ diet.  You may be wondering what Purines are? 

What are Purines?

Purine is a chemical compound found in some foods, and act as the building blocks of DNA and RNA. They can be found in secreting organs, including liver and kidneys, as well as seafoods like sardines and mackerel. Dalmatians are one of the only mammals who struggle to metabolise purine based food, and male pups are more susceptible to digestive issues than their female counterparts. From Cruella De Vil, to predisposed genetics - these guys can’t catch a break! All jokes aside, if this bunch get their paws on purine-rich food, this can lead to nasty bladder stones, which can make toilet-time extremely unpleasant (or even impossible if this leads to a bladder rupture). 

Dalmatian owners must exercise caution and be vigilant at meal time to avoid potentially fatal issues at the tail end. Opting for low-purine options will keep digestive issues at bay, and keep your furry friends happy and healthy. 

Be sure to stick to purine-free food, such as:

  • Most vegetables (steer clear of cauliflower, spinach, peas mushrooms and legumes), 
  • Non-acidic fruits
  • Nuts, cheese
  • Pork
  • Oats
  • Chicken and turkey
Every pup deserves a treat now and then, and we haven’t forgotten about our Dalmatian friends either! When shopping for a low-purine, chewy-licious treat, we recommend going for either the 'Chicken Wing Chews', or ‘Green Lipped Mussel Chews'. Both are high in protein and low in fat - these are the perfect low-purine options for our Dalmatians that’ll hit the spot!


Dalmatian Diet

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