Natural Diets for Dogs

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Let food be thy medicine! Choosing treats to support a lifetime of happiness with your furry friend.

The idea that food can be used as a healing mechanism is nothing unfamiliar to us. With lifestyle and diet proving to be the golden tickets when it comes to keeping illness and disease at bay - the question is, do these same principles apply to our pets? (The answer is a strong and resounding yes).

Being choosy with what you feed fido doesn’t just begin at breakfast and end at dinner time - treats are not to be overlooked! 

The age-old phrase ‘you are what you eat’ could not be truer when it comes to feeding your pup.  Just like humans, careful consideration is needed when it comes to what's best for your dog. When you think about it, what you choose to feed your pooch directly translates into their overall health and of course, their happiness. Don’t let this overwhelm or worry you though! Today we share the keys to supporting your pets' health - starting with diet.

Being discerning when choosing dog treats and prioritising high quality and naturally sourced options creates the simplest  way to ensure the longevity of your dog's life, and to see them well into their grey-haired and wrinkly years. To quote an ancient proverb “When diet is wrong, medicine is of no use. When diet is correct, medicine is of no need.” Do you ever feel like something is not quite right with your dog? Perhaps a greater look into what you are feeding them will create a lasting impact on their health, and reduce their risks of disease and illness - Food truly trumps medicine in this regard! Here at Chewy Chews, we are firm believers in the power of natural ingredients for your furry friends, with no hidden additives in any of our treats!

Our approach is simple, with a focus on pure meats, and nothing else! Your pets body thrives on natural ingredients and is our top priority. Given cats and dogs are carnivores, they thrive off meat, bones and organs primarily. As a rule of thumb, a natural diet means - “in nature”. It means raw and minimally processed, and foods which would naturally be in your dog's diet. While commercial pet food and treats are convenient, these are usually highly processed and packed with fillers which won’t do your pup much good. If you think about it, are dogs eating commercial pet food in the wild? Absolutely not! ‘Real’ is best when it comes to meal time (and treat time!). 

The ‘paw’-some benefits of a natural diet really speaks for itself - A stronger digestive system which keeps tummy issues at bay, energy support to keep your furry friend bouncing off the walls, ensures a healthy coat that shines, aids in weight management and increases overall life expectancy!

If you have made it this far, we can safely assume you’re a ‘natural’ convert. If, however, you still need a little convincing, we are here to give you the inside scoop on what to look for when it comes to meal time (or snacktime) for your dog!

Choose human-grade products

Pet food that humans can have? We know, it sounds counter intuitive, however it is not to be overlooked! This is particularly true when choosing raw treats for your pet. Some pet foods can contain meat by-products and bones that are full of preservatives which can be harmful to your dog! If you are unsure about the products you are sourcing for your pup, as a rule of thumb (or paw we should say) if it's not safe for humans, it’s not safe for your pets!

Rest assured however, that when purchasing treats from Chewy Chews, the FDS has rated our Chewylicious treats as being good enough for human consumption! With that being said however, as delicious as they are, our treats suit a dog's palette a lot more than a humans - while the temptation may be there, leave these ones for your pets only!

Quality matters!

Like many things in life, you get what you pay for. You wouldn’t serve yourself low quality meals with poor ingredients, so why should this be any different for your pup. Quality goes the extra mile and is essential when it comes to supporting a healthy dog for years to come. We don’t mean to boast, but now is the perfect opportunity for a shameless self-plug! We have the quality department covered, with our treat range being 100% Australian made and owned, from local Aussie farmers (except for the Green Lipped Mussel Chews which are 100% premium New Zealand sustainability caught Mussels).

Prioritise protein rich foods 

Now this is a big one, so listen carefully! A protein rich diet is essential for your furry friends! Did you know dogs function best on a high-protein, high-fat diet? Foods which are low in protein will be harder to digest, and also lack bioavailability which is why a high protein diet is crucial to your dogs health!

The chosen protein sources need to be varied, and this extends to mixing between plant and animal protein. Fortunately,  we have you covered with protein here at Chewy Chews with our treats not only being delicious but also protein rich! While not intended to be a complete meal, treating your pup with a chewy throughout the day will ensure their protein targets are being met 

Focus on minimal processing 

Bringing it back to basics is the key for supporting your dog's diet. This means steering clear of heavily processed and cooked foods as this compromises the nutritional value. The best way to lock in goodness for your dog is by air-drying ingredients! Here at Chewy Chews, we have done the hard work for you with our premium meats that are slowly air dried to perfection, removing the moisture and locking in all the nutrients and mouth-watering flavour!


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