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Just like us, our fur babies need a balanced diet that contains all the nutrients needed to live a long happy life. 

In making Chewy Chews, we’ve sniffed out the top dog nutrition research and dug through tons of science. In this post you’ll discover our dog nutrition 101, answering your key canine diet questions. So get out your reading glasses, and let’s brush up on your dog’s nutritional needs. They’ll thank you later.

Dog Nutrition Fact 1: Dog’s Aren’t Carnivores

As opposed to their distant cousin the wolf, who is a definite carnivore, modern-day dogs are in fact omnivores. Both their tooth structure and intestinal tract have adapted to an omnivorous diet, most likely due to their long domestication process. While this means carbs and fats have a role to play, don’t go throwing out your meaty dog food just yet because…

Dog Nutrition Fact 2: Dog’s Still Need Protein

While dogs are different from wolves and don’t need a wolflike diet, they still need protein. As well as providing certain essential amino acids, protein has been shown to contribute to:

  • Maintaining and repairing cells and other tissues, like skin, muscle, bone and hair
  • Supporting the immune system
  • Producing hormones, antibodies, and enzymes

Protein has also been shown to contribute to a lean body mass, helping our pooches fight off obesity, which comes with a whole host of health problems.

Protein needs can differ depending on the age and physical activity of your pooch, so if in doubt consult your vet. As a general guideline, dogs have been shown to naturally opt for protein consisting of around 30% of their diet.

Dog Nutrition Fact 3: Quality Over Quantity

What’s becoming clearer is that the key here is quality, not quantity. Studies have shown that using whole ingredients with minimal processing demonstrated excellent digestibility. 

So the higher the quality of the protein, the greater the chance that this food will be highly digestible and therefore mean your dog absorbs more of that all-important goodness. 

That’s why at Chewy Chews we use 100% Australian proteins that are air-dried – created by removing all moisture in meat via evaporation. This gentle and slow process preserves vital nutrients in a natural way that requires zero added stuff! In our Chews, we want all that goodness to be available to our doggos (and yours too!) 

Those amino acids are also hiding where you might least expect. Studies found that animal by-products are some of the highest sources of essential amino acids. So while they might not sound so appealing, they really do pack a nutritious punch. That’s why our Chews use everything mother nature has to offer, including:

  • Lungs – bursting with Omega 3, Iron & Zinc
  • Livers – for a powerful source of Vitamin A
  • Ears  – a chewable B Vitamin source 

Plus, by using these incredible sources of nutrition, we are benefitting from all of the animal. Meaning nothing goes to waste.

Dog Nutrition Fact 4: Raw Can Be Tricky

While the latest craze for raw dog diets has exploded, a comprehensive review of the studies behind the movement suggests caution. 

It’s been shown that there are some benefits to feeding a more “natural” diet of raw foods, such as better digestion and lower blood triglyceride levels. However, there are safety concerns with the pathogenic bacteria found in much raw meat. To reduce the risks, the suggestion is that minimal processing could be the way forward.

That’s why we air dry our treats. The process of air-drying combines the nutrient-dense nature of raw food, with the safety and convenience of a dry treat, eliminating harmful pathogens while preserving vital nutrients.

Dog Nutrition Fact 5: Seafood For Strong Bones

Seafood might not be first on your mind when considering your dog’s diet, but our ocean friends provide those essential fatty acids. Including natural seafood sources have been shown to help with canine arthritis and other joint problems. Studies also show that seafood helps reduce inflammation associated with any doggy dermatologic conditions.

That’s why we use sustainably farmed Australian shark, sardine and mussel in our Chews too. These fish are chock-full of Omega 3 and 6 and glucosamine, a great way to give your dogs joints and coat a boost.

Our Best Tip?

Pay attention to your dog. If he has a healthy appetite, a shiny coat, bright eyes and is always ready for a walk, then he’s likely getting most of his needs met. Keep a close eye on how your dog changes throughout their life cycle too, as just like us a dog’s requirements vary throughout life.

We created Chewy Chews to help your furry friend get everything they need to thrive.

Roo Jerky to help keep a teething puppy’s plaque in check, or a little extra seafood as your pooch reaches a ripe old age. Our chews always offer your dog that extra boost. Whatever stage of life they are in, we have you covered.


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