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To look and feel our best, there’s nothing like a good shower and combing out our locks. And it’s the same for our pups! Grooming is an essential part of any canine care plan, helping them feel happy in their skin and ensuring they are in tip-top condition.

So roll up your sleeves and dive into our dog grooming guide. From top to tail, our grooming tips will leave both you and your pup feeling extra special.

Why Should You Groom Your Dog?

The best time to start puppy pampering is usually when your dog is already feeling pretty chilled and relaxed. That might mean after a long walk or an energetic play session. 

It’s also a great time to utilise those Positive Reinforcement Training Tips and build a happy association with handling and grooming, by incorporating some tasty treats or other rewards. This helps to keep your pet interested, fairly still and desensitises them to being handled (which your vet will love you for).

Now let’s get into the dog grooming instructions, covering all the main components of a perfect pooch pampering session.


Brushing is a super important and easy grooming activity. Make sure to get in all those hard to reach areas: behind the ears, in the dog’s armpits, and between their back legs and hips. If there’s some serious floof on that tail, don’t forget that either!

How often to brush your dog? Here’s a rough guide:

  • Long-haired breeds – aim for daily brushing to keep their coat healthy. Especially if they are shedding. Occasionally a full haircut is useful to keep them cool.
  • Medium-haired breeds – aim for brushing a few times a week. They might also benefit from a trip to a groomer in hot weather.
  • Short-haired breeds – only need brushing about once a week. They don’t usually need regular haircuts, though certain breeds may still enjoy a fresh trim in summer. 

Nail Trimming

Regular nail trimming helps to keep your dog comfortable. This prevents them growing overly long nails, which can change your dog’s stance and lead to muscle pain or tweaks.

Top trimming tips include:

  • Using the right clippers – go for a high-quality pair (they’ll last your dog’s lifetime!) Also, look for clippers that come with a safety guard, to prevent cutting the dog’s nails too short.
  • Starting slowly – now this isn’t going to be your furry friend’s favourite activity, so take it gently with plenty of treats or a chew. The more they realise it’s nothing to worry about, the more comfortable they’ll get with the process.
  • Only trimming the ends – trimming your dog’s nail too short can cut the quick, which is a small blood vessel. So play it safe and aim to just remove a small amount of the hook-shaped portion that turns down at the end of the nail. 


Baths are an essential part of the grooming process. Bathing your dog regularly is a great way to keep their coat in great shape, but remember you can have too much of a good thing. You don’t want to strip your dog’s coat of natural oils, so stick to once a month (or of course whenever they’ve had a really muddy roll!) 

Here are our top dog bathing tips:

  • Brush before – start with a smooth coat, as any knots can hold water and cause irritation down the line.
  • Warm, not hot water – similar temperature as for a human baby.
  • Use dog-friendly shampoo – our pooches have a different skin pH balance to us, so don’t be tempted to use your finest potions on them.
  • Check the instructions – some shampoo types, you need to dilute before use. Be sure to rinse well, as any soap left in a coat can be itchy.
  • Towel dry – whilst we might love a blow-dry, hot air can cause dryness in our dog’s skin. So stick to towels.
  • Ears and eyes – keep them free of suds, but finish with a moist cotton swab to gently cleanse the outside of the ears and eyes. 

Don’t want the hassle of a mucky bathtub, puddles everywhere and dog shaking spray up the walls? Why not visit a handy dog washing station. 

We know only too well the perils of at-home bathing, and the mess in the car getting them home in the first place. So we set up 2 dog wash stations at Liquid Laundry, Australia’s first high-end laundromat to help fellow pet parents keep muddy paws outside the house. It’s like a car wash for your dog. And we all love the carwash! 

Plus our hand vending machines are stocked with dog towels and some handy treats. So you can dry them off easily, and keep them entertained throughout.

Don’t Forget Dental Hygiene

Oral hygiene is just as important as looking good. Studies have shown that without regular oral care, the early stages of conditions like periodontitis can develop rapidly in some dogs. So make sure to regularly get out that toothbrush to keep pup’s teeth and gums healthy. Or choose a dental chew to help them fight plaque naturally. 

Our range of 100% Australian, all-natural chews offer a tasty & nutritious enrichment opportunity, with the added benefit of chewing their way to better teeth. 

Include all the above steps and you’ll have your grooming routine down to a fine art.

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