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Black Friday is right around the corner, and if you’re anything like us, we’re counting down the days, hours and minutes until the big event (our bank accounts not so much however…). 

We couldn’t leave the Black Friday fun JUST for humans however, and here at Chewy Chews we’re gearing up to end the year with a bang, bringing you some bark-worthy deals we know your pooch is going to love! 

Surprise! Cat’s (or dogs we should say) out of the bag, and the Chewy Chew’s Black Friday Sale is just DAYS away from kicking off!

Whether you’re yet to get your paws on our chewy-licious treats, or a returning veteran stocking up on your pup's tried and true cult faves, you aren’t going to want to miss out on our upcoming black friday discounts!

In light of our biggest and best sale yet, we’ve put together a list of our top 5 must haves and crowd faves for your black friday shopping spree!

Goatie Liver Nibbles 

First up on our list, we have our infamous Goatie Liver Nibbles, which are an essential for treat time, and a saving grace when it comes to puppy training. 

Goat liver really is the G.O.A.T when it comes to puppy nutrition (Goat by name, Goat by nature right?), and when coming in an irresistible treat form, can it really be any better?

Packed with natural vitamins and minerals and made from 100% Aussie Goat meat, these nibbles are sure to tame the strongest of strong-willed of dogs, and reward the goodest of good boys. 

Know someone who's recently welcomed a fur baby into their lives? Our liver nibbles provide instant relief for puppies with new chompers (the joys of teething) making them an essential for your Black Friday wish list. The chewy texture soothes sore gums and more importantly, doubles as a timely distraction from your shoes - we think it's about time those ones were retired from chew toy duty!

Chompy Chicken Necks 

Next up, we have our OG Chompy Chicken Necks! An oldie but a goldie, these chewy treats pack a protein punch and will have your furry friend itching for more! A no brainer for pups of all shapes and sizes, our chompy chicken necks are made from nothing but the good stuff - 100% Premium Hormone Free Aussie Chicken, no nasties here! 

The next best thing since a toothbrush, your dog's pearly whites will be dazzling after downing a couple of our chicken necks, and are our go-to for all things oral and dental hygiene. Grab a packet (or two) during our Black Friday Sales, and you (quite literally) will be bagging a bargain! Brushing up on your pets dental health is a sure fire way to avoid empty pockets after expensive visits to the vet, so you’d be crazy to sleep on these bad boys!

Veal Ribbie Sticks 

Our Veal Ribbie sticks have proven time and time again to be a hit amongst our four-legged friends, and it's about time your pooch see’s what all the fuss is about. Our crunchy munchy bony bites are made from 100% Premium Australian Veal, and not only make the ultimate 3pm treat time snack, but are packed with vitamins and nutrients your puppies' insides will thank you for.

Now, when we say bones, we don’t want this to deter you! While pesky bones have been given a bad rep, for calcifying and shattering in your dog's mouth, we do things differently here at Chewy Chews. All our bones have been slowly air dried to perfection, removing moisture at low temperatures so you can sleep easy knowing your pup can do their worst!

Our Veal Ribbie sticks are a match made in heaven for smaller to medium sized dogs, boasting some serious flavour which will have them drooling for more!

Roo Heart Bites 

We can say with full confidence that our Roo heart bites, are, without a doubt, the key to your pup’s heart! If you have a pooch with a sensitive stomach, you’re going to want to have ample supply of these guys, as they make the perfect low fat, and hypoallergenic treat. Food allergies are no match to these bites, and at long last your dog can enjoy wholeheartedly without any consequences; no one misses out here at Chewy Chews!

Sensitive tummies aside, these crunchy bites are high in omega-3, iron and zinc providing a nutrient rich afternoon snack or mid walk tide-me-over. Loved equally by dogs big and small, our Roo Bites are not one to miss during our sale frenzy!

Crackling Pork Ears

Our Crackling Pork Ears are kind of a ‘pig’ deal, and safe to say, our Chewy Chews community are all ears when it comes to these treats! A cemented cult fave, these gnarly treats are made from 100% Grade A Australian pig ear, and are made to go the distance! In it for the long haul, our Pork Ears are the perfect long-lasting treat, keeping your pup stimulated, engaged and most importantly distracted for hours on end. 

Better yet, our pork ears double as a natural alternative to your traditional dog teeth cleaning sticks. While your pup chomps away at our pork ears, the chewy texture keeps nasty plaque build-up at bay. A win-win as far as we’re concerned!

So there we have our top 5 Chewy Chews picks you won’t want to miss during our upcoming Black Friday sales. There truly is a treat to suit every dog, and we can’t wait to see what you spoil your pooch with! Whether you’re stocking up on your faves or welcoming a brand new pup into your tribe, set your alarms and get ready for our biggest and best sale yet.

Happy Shopping!

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