Top 8 Sydney Dog Parks

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Our mission to uncover Australia’s latest and greatest dog parks continues, and we’ve taken our search down to none other than Sydney Town! We’ve done some serious down-south investigating, searching high and low to unlock all that Sydney has to offer for our furry friends. 

One thing’s for certain, Sydney is ‘mutts’ about their dogs, and our park list could go on forever! Narrowing down our gigantic list was no easy feat, with parks in every corner, however we are paw-sitive these parks will get your pups tail wagging! From popular crowd pleasers, to local hidden gems we’ve scoured the burbs’ of Sydney to bring you the best on show. 

From the Terrace pooch yearning for a space to stretch his legs, to the urban canine itching to get some sand between his toes (or paws more like it), fear not, we have you covered. 

The suspense is killing us, so we won’t hold you any longer… we present our top 8 dog parks of Sydney

1. Bicentennial Park, Glebe

We’d be doing the pups of Sydney a disservice if Bicentennial Park in Gorgeous Glebe didn’t receive an honourable mention. The park space boasts a lush green escape for dogs and humans alike, complete with an enviable view of Rozelle Bay and Anzac Bridge (true Sydney form if you ask us!). 

The greatest feature of this golden Glebe treasure is its expansive walking track, which laps the waters edge, and stretches the full length of the eastern pathway. The thoroughfare leads all the way up to the infamous Sydney Fish Market, so perfect for those wanting to make a cheeky fish and chip pitstop! 

Given its proximity to the shore-line, water-loving pooches (and humans) are treated to a post-walk dip in the foreshore, making it a must visit as the weather heats up. The Bicentennial Park space puts on a show at all times of the day, but we especially love an early morning trot as the sun is rising - the ultimate morning routine if you ask us (if only we had something this great in Brissy)!

(Image: Sydney Uncovered)

2. Centennial Parklands

Coming in as a close second, Oxford Street's Centennial Park is Sydney’s largest and most dog friendly park, with an impressive 150 hectares of open space for your furry friend to let off some steam - now that calls for some seriously well earnt bragging rights! Located just a short walk from the hustle and bustle of the Sydney CBD, the parkspace provides the ultimate escape for the urban dog seeking some fresh air and greenery amidst the concrete jungle.

Coined as the perfect location for ‘doggo cardio’ your pup is free to roam the wide open spaces with their fellow furry counterparts. Also joining them are horses, geese and black swans - yep you are reading this right, everyone is welcome at the parklands! 

The space caters for both the confident socialite pup, who can’t wait to tear up the track in the off-lead zones, as well as on-lead areas for pooches who require some warming up time or who are wanting to stay close to their pawents. 

A trip to the parklands wouldn’t be complete without a bike ride around the park, followed by a BBQ in the picnic area with friends and fur babies. Better yet, once fido is all tuckered out, we recommend making your way up to Grand Drive to scope out a well earnt coffee - You will be spoilt for choice when it comes to great cafes and pet-friendly eats!

(Image: City of Sydney)

3. Lighthouse Reserve

Next up on the list, we’re heading south of Watsons Bay to bring you the Lighthouse Reserve in Vaucluse. Pups aside, we couldn’t get past the panoramic Harbour views from the reserve, making it the ultimate coastal retreat enjoyed by all. 

When visiting the reserve, the historic Macquarie Lighthouse which sits adjacent to the park is another must see when stopping by the park! While comparatively smaller than some of the other big players in the Sydney region, the Lighthouse Reserve provides a cozy and intimate space for dogs of all sizes to soak up the surroundings and mingle with other dogs. 

Dogs are permitted to be off-leash at all times while visiting the reserve, and there's nothing greater than an afternoon stroll along the communal walking path with your pooch trailing by your side. 

(Image: Woollahra NSW)

4. Bungarribee park - Western Sydney Parklands. 

It goes without saying, that the west side is the best side, and Bungarribee Park certainly lives up to this expectation! While a dark-horse on our list, the park is our go-to for pups in training (no need for L plates or training wheels around here though!)

Bungarribee Park has recently been given a facelift, and safe to say, it’s the shiny new toy for you and your dog to explore. Pooch owners can relax into the afternoon, with peace of mind that their precious cargo is safely enclosed within the fenced-off dog area. This means our notorious escape-artists don’t stand a chance at Bungarribee! 

The space is perfect for pet owners wanting to perfect their ‘paw-shakes’ and master their ‘roll-overs’ (provided you come equipped with some Chewylicious treats for some bribery!), making it a pet trainer's sanctuary. For families with equally energetic children, the park is also home to an impressive playground space, and nothing beats rallying the family together for some afternoon fun. 

(Image: Blacktown City Council)

5. Alexandria Park 

Next up were heading to Alexandria Park, where a quiet escape awaits for you and your dog. A true ‘oldie but a goldie’ the parkspace provides all the home comforts of a cozy neighbourhood park, with space galore, providing hours of fun exploring all that Alexandria has to offer. The community comes alive in the early afternoon, with ample socialising to be done with humans and pups alike! Enjoy a gentle stroll through the main walking path to round out a busy work day, or bring a basketball and shoot some hoops with mates at the court facilities - that is, if your ball is spared from puppy slobber, and serious ball hogs (AKA dogs)!

Whatever activity is more your speed, we know Alexandria parklands will bring back all the nostalgic feels of your quintessential park growing up…. A salute to the good old days!

(Image: City of Sydney)

6. Shale Hills Dog Park

The whopping 5 hectares of Shale Hill Parkland has your dog's name written all over it! An easy addition to our top dog parks list, the park has been created especially for our furry four-legged friends. Shale Hill is ‘dog proof’ meaning your pup can do their absolute worst and the space will remain unscathed. This is especially handy for those who can’t resist a dig during their park adventures!

Post-park play, dogs are encouraged to retreat from the summer heat, and bask under the umbrella shades, nestled amongst the puppy rest area! Yep that's right, it's like a resort for dogs, talk about a luxe experience!

If this hasn’t immediately sold you, Shale Hills comes complete with a state of the art agility course for dogs, with 10 activity stations! Your dog can perfect their circus worthy routine, mastering the tunnels, darting through the weave poles and brushing up on their balance beam skills. We think some Chewy Chews treats make the ultimate bribery treat for dog training, so grab a pack from your local vending machine en route!

But that's not all either, Shale Hills really has catered for the likes of every dog! If your pup doesn’t have a future in the circus, don’t let this deter you from a visit! The scented garden is another paw pleaser the park offers. Picture a lush garden, filled with the sweet scents of Lavender, Chamomile and Mint. Dogs can’t get enough of these carefully chosen scents, equally enjoyed by humans alike! The ultimate zen space to unwind if you ask us!

(Image: Western Sydney Parklands)

7. Barangaroo Reserve 

The ever-trendy Barangaroo Reserve, located in the heart of Sydney, is for sure a must visit for humans, but equally, shouldn’t be slept on for your furry companions either! The reserve is a car-free space, designed to encourage Sydney-siders to lace up, chuck a leash on their pup and immerse themselves within the space.

While dogs must be on-leash whilst in the reserve, nothing compares to a stroll along the communal ‘Wulugul Walking Path’ where you are treated to uninterrupted harbour views, paired with lush greenery, a Sydney tourists dream if you ask us! The walking path winds along the Barangaroo foreshore and extends upwards of 11 kilometres, so long enough to tucker your dog (and yourself) out!

The Wulugul Walk has become quite the morning hub amongst local cyclists, walkers and runners, and we can’t think of a better way to kick off your day!

(Image: Barangaroo)

8. Rose Bay Beach Park

Wrapping up our top dog parks list, beach meets doggy heaven at Sydney’s Rose Bay. Like the name suggests, the park space really is a rose between a couple of thorns! 

Dogs are welcome off-leash on the beach, making it a must visit for pups who can’t get enough of the sand and salt water. Humans can soak up  the Gram’-worthy Harbour views while their pooches enjoy a run along the beach with fur-friends. 

We can’t look past a late-arvo trip to the Bay, where an enviable sunset is almost guaranteed, and better yet, coincides with low tide where the water is shallow enough for your furry friends to dive in and lap it up. 

What secured Rose Bay in our top 8 list, was its proximity to some great food spots! We recommend capping off an afternoon on the water with a trip to the Golden Sheaf located just minutes from the beach! There's nothing quite like their dog-friendly outdoor seating area, and from all reports, the dedicated pooch menu is a hit amongst the (furry) locals too! 

(Image: Pupsy)

And there we have it! - our top 8 dog parks in Sydney! You guys have truly left us with some serious FOMO here in Brisbane, and we are counting down days until our next visit! It’s  never a simple task to uncover the best of the best, and boy did Sydney make it challenging for us! From beachside walks, breathtaking views, and expansive greenery, our furry friends of all shapes and sizes are spoilt when it comes to dog parks! So what are you waiting for? Scout your closest Chewy Chews Vending machine, stock up on some treats and away you go! 

Happy park visiting!

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